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Migration do AWS

Practical guide for understanding the principles for migration to AWS

When an organization is considering migrating an existing application to AWS, it can choose from six options – known in …

cloud computing

What is cloud computing

Cloud computing is currently one of the most popular buzzwords, but few actually know what it means. So what is …

productivity of developer

Developer productivity – 9 worst wreckers

The productivity of the team and individual developers is mainly based on technical leaders and managers. They set up control …

Small businesses to cloud

Do you know what small businesses should consider before moving to cloud?

Discussions about the cloud have been very intense for the last few years, and besides large companies even small businesses …

Why you should use Kubernetes

Why (and when) you should use Kubernetes

Kubernetes (k8’s) is a powerful tool for automating container deployment and management. Kubernetes is another big wave in cloud computing, …

Leave your phone number and we will call you back

Are you thinking about migrating to the cloud, or have you already tried it and failed? Get in touch and we will help you …