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Cloud architecture

We will lay down a solid foundation for the cloud and use best practices and technologies to build stable infrastructure Whatever type of cloud you choose (public, hybridcloud, multicloud), we will ensure that you take the full advantage of all the benefits it offers and that you will be able to easily align business and technology strategies.

  • status analysis
  • cloud strategy

Cloud migration

No matter where you are on the way to the cloud, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support with application and data migration. We guarantee fast and seamless transition with easy cost management.

  • data safe
  • administration and supervision

DevOps automation

By automating processes and accelerating the deployment and testing of new versions of applications, you will be more efficient and ahead of the game.

  • lower operation costs
  • efficiency and performance

Cloud security

We are certified partners of the largest cloud platforms AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure, and they focus not only on functionality, speed and efficiency, but also on the security of applications and data. Therefore, neither their leakage nor disruption of their availability is common.

Cloud security is a priority for these giants, so they offer very sophisticated solutions that are constantly updated. We are also counting on this in the planning of your cloud strategy and we are always so-called up to date.

  • segmentation
  • encryption

24/7 cloud monitoring and management

Our certified DevOps team can devise and set up sustainable cloud strategies that will result in lower costs, improved and faster processes, the ability to innovate and keep up with the latest technologies, and maximizing cloud platform uptime.

We will take care of your cloud storage for 24/7, proactively improve it and ensure its safe and smooth operation.

  • log analysis
  • backup management

Cloud solution optimization

Not happy with your current cloud settings? Are you preparing new projects and need to expand the infrastructure? We will be happy to check the current status of your set up and also propose cost optimization.
  • Analysis of the current status
  • Recommendation and cost optimization

Workshops and trainings

Our trained and certified colleagues will be happy to teach your team, provide regular consultations and support both online and during a personal visit on your premises.

We will also prepare specific trainings tailored to your solution.

  • basics of architecture security
  • cloud scaling

Cloud reselling

We will take care of the cloud for your clients.

Are you engaged in a business in which your clients need to solve the cloud in addition to your services? We will be happy to take care of it. Thanks to our partnership with leading cloud platforms, we can offer interesting financial benefits, experience and professionalism, without which we would not have acquired these partnerships.
  • professional cloud architects immediately available
  • solutions tailored to your clients

Google Workspace (G Suite)

No more collective e-mails with document comments and flash drives for copying files.

With Google Workspace (former G Suite) your communication across the company and work will be so much more efficient that you will wonder how you could have survived so long without it.

  • calendar sharing
  • document and application storage

Google Workspace for schools – Classroom

During the government-declared state of emergency, we helped dozens of schools get online and start teaching through the Google Classroom.

We will continue to do so, because we think that in 2020 it should be a common practice that the school can offer several types of teaching.

  • setting access levels
  • preparation of lessons, assignments, quizzes

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