Is your school ready for distance education?

Distance schooling - GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Covid 19 has already significantly complicated last school year and this year does not look any better. Regulations and restrictions are increasing, and schools have no choice but to adapt and figure out the way to keep working.

And that is DISTANCE TEACHING – teaching via the Internet via Google Classroom.

distance teaching

It is the part of Google secure web platform, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which provides online teaching and interactive learning through quizzes, tests, and live online lessons.

Unlike other platforms Google Classroom is designed specifically for education, it is very user-friendly and it is the part of the G-Suite, a whole portfolio of your favorite applications.

we will launch Google Workspace with the Classroom for you and set it to comply with GDPR

➢ we will create the organizational structure of Workspace for you and upload the students

➢ we will educate your teachers and prepare materials for parents

➢ we will provide technological support and requested modifications

➢ we will be just a call away whenever you need a hand

  • the possibility to continue teaching, whatever the regulation
  • security – data inserted into the platform are encrypted
  • Child safety – e-mails that children use for learning and assignments cannot be used in any other way
  • intuitive environment
  • easy creation of teaching materials and evaluation of tests
  • security that prevents students from later changes to already handed tests
  • fun lessons – interactive lessons, involves all children, live broadcasts, tests and quizzes

One time price bundle  Monthly fee 


Set up   7 499 Kč 7 499 Kč

Training  7 499 Kč FREE ✹

Support (online/phone) 1 549 Kč/h 1 249 Kč/hod

✹ (When 4 hours prepaid)

✹ training comprises of 6 hours of instruction

“We were afraid of it, because none of us ever taught via computer, and we also have older teachers in the team. However, the training went perfectly well, we also received a recording so that we could try assigning tasks and tests again at home in our own time. Now we use the Classroom comfortably … ”

Jan Peterka,
Head master Hradec Králové

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Would you like to set up Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) with Google Classroom? Our coleague Katarina Vavrikova is happy to assist you.